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        We are NOT Chiropractors, Massage Therapist, or Physical Therapist       

We ARE Biomechanics Specialist who specialize in Neuromuscular Re-Education. 


Redefining Athletic and Human Performance

Stop putting band aids on everything and find the cause of the chronic or acute issue(s) and call today  214-662-2564.  Regardless of the sport or activity that someone plays, when an injury occurs they all have the same question.  How did this happen?  In order for them to understand how this happened, we consult them on how the muscular system works to create movements.  Muscles contract for two separate reasons.  We are all aware of the contraction to create movement, but what about the contraction to prevent movement?  Have you ever dealt with muscle tightness?  We typically look at muscle tightness and soreness as muscles that have been placed under tremendous forces the day before.  This does hold SOME truth, but there are also other neurologically influenced issues that can contribute to tightness and soreness.

          Muscle tightness has always been deemed a bad thing that reduces performance by limiting the amount of motion that can occur at any particular joint.  What if this was only half the truth?  What if muscle tightness was also a good thing and part of our design?  Muscle tightness is the only way that our body has to protect against a joint that our brain deems as unstable.  Think about it this way; you are walking down some stairs and slip, without thinking about it you instantly reach for the railing for a brace before you fall.  WHY? Your brain sensed the instability of you slipping and sent contractile neurological responses to the muscle system which created the movement of the arm toward the railing and restricted excessive joint movements of the lower leg all before you realized what was happening.  If this is the response our brain has to an instability that is outside the body, does it not seem reasonable that our body would respond the same way to an instability located at a particular joint?  Now, does muscle tightness look like something that we need to "stretch out", or does it look like a natural protective mechanism for a joint. 

          The difference between Elite Alignment and other techniques is simple:  we specialize in tracing the limitation to the cause and determining if the injury is a result of excessive stress during the creation of motion or the prevention of motion on an opposing side of the joint.  When you come into Elite Alignment you will not only receive PROFESSIONAL LEVEL service, but also you will receive documentation of your session that can be taken to your physician (if recommended), personal trainer, Athletic Trainer (athletes), etc.  This documentation will list the following information but not limited to.

  • The stated issue of injury.
  • Any and All joint specific limitations in range of motion.
  • Any and All muscles that were inhibited and treated.
  • Any vertebral instabilities located within the spine (if identified).
  • Any affected nerves and their vertebral innervation's withing the spinal column.
  • Practitioner notes and opinions.
  • Isometric exercises (Once the TRUE issue has been narrowed down.)





Richard Crawford - 5th Round Selection in the 2012 Draft to the Washington Redskins.


Scott has worked on me on several occasions and the results are great.  He is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I did so well on my PRO DAY.  He is Great.  Thank you Scott it really works.


Vic Viloria

Florida State University Strength Coach

........ my only problem is that Scott fixes them so fast........